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Climate change is a medical emergency

The health care sector has a moral mandate to respond

and the power to be a tipping point towards a better future.

Watch and share this Sundance-supported animated short film.

Our Vision

Healthcare mobilizes its influence to create a sustainable, equitable and healthy world. Whatever your role in healthcare, you can be a lead for environmental health and justice.

Hospitals transform into sustainable healing environments that minimize environmental harm and become better neighbors to the communities they serve.
Patients, health care workers, communities, and the environment are kept safe from harmful chemicals.
Health care becomes a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energies, showing the way to a healthy energy future for all.
Health care facilities support healthy, sustainable food systems that address the upstream causes of non-communicable diseases.
Health care leaders are supported and inspired to promote sustainability, human rights, and the right to health, leading to large-scale transformational change.
Health care reduces the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals throughout their lifecycle and supports the innovation of green products.
Health care supports local transportation systems so patients, their families, and staff can get to hospitals and health care facilities, decreasing air pollution, climate change, and respiratory disease.

Health care eliminates the toxic incineration of health care waste, promotes zero waste policies, and innovates sustainable disposable options.

Health care invests in conservation, recycling, and treatment actions to reduce water consumption and wastewater pollution and advocates for policies that assure community access to a safe water supply.

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Directed by Louis Fox and Nicole Newnham - Produced By Nicole Newnham And Health Care Without Harm - Animation By Zumbakamera - Music By Julie Reier